Express your inner Buddha

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Workshop Special: 20,-€ Materialkosten für Farben, Pinsel und eine 70x50cm Leinwand.

Paint your inside out and find your unique Buddha Nature on canvas

We are all creative beings and are here to create. Our life is the canvas of our soul. Using painting as a spiritual practice is not about being perfect, or to create a masterpiece. It means to dive deep into your inner wisdom. Letting yourself guide from your heart. To gain deeper understanding about your current life challenges and how to move forward towards your unique soul purpose.

Experience a very playful and fun way to overcome ‚creative’ blocks and awaken, expand and empower your artistic soul, through the connection with your own intuition, creative flow and spontaneous expression from your heart.

Join us for a magical journey to unleash and explore your infinite creative self, through the very unique combination of  heart opening cacao, meditation, breath work, sound healing and a very special intuitive painting process.

Yoga und Musik Festival, Rise Festival Deutschland Bad Kissingen, Paint your Inner Buddha

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Raphael Mathes