Pūjā – A Sacred Ritual

| Peace

Bringe gerne eine Blume mit, die dir auf deinem Weg begegnet.

Pūjā is a sacred ritual, an offering of worship, that acknowledges all that is as sacred and as part of the infallible order. We reside in the attitude of gratitude and offer thoughts, words and actions with deepest honour to all that is given – as nothing is granted. Not the air we breathe, not the water we drink, nor the sun that shines. And so we give back – to the infinite giver. We ask for help – of the one that doesn’t need any help, and we remind ourselves that - all that is, is sacred – has ever been, will always be. Including you, including me. Exactly as we are.

Beginning our day with pūjā is like receiving the ever most nourishing shower – inside; we step into our day with the sense of inner alignment, clarity and gratitude. And from there -letting the magic bloom.

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Mora Kaufmann