Giulia Dagate

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My life is an art project of my soul.

Hi I’m Giulia, a passionate Soul Coach and Abstract Artist. Mostly creating art inspired by the magic of mother nature. Expressing my feelings & soul through my creativity in all its colors & forms. Creating intuitive art paintings, unique macramée jewelry and digital art out of the voice of my soul.

Sharing the healing power of art is my urge to give to the world.

Deeply connected to the medicine plant of cacao, I love to share the spirit of mama cacao in cacao ceremonies & my 1:1 Coaching in Germany.
After my training as inner balance coach last year I also give 1:1 Soul Coaching & healing Workshops.

Based in Germany, I love to travel with my Van & exploring the beauty of mother earth.

Living a creative life, filled with love, passion & lots of new adventures.

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